Medicus, A proudly Québec company for over 60 years

In the field of orthopedic devices and medical equipment, 60 years of expertise also means 60 years of research and innovation. Renowned for offering attentive and benevolent service that goes beyond needs, Médicus is proud to contribute with an active and limitless life.

Today the leader in its market, the Médicus Group remains driven by the passion that is the DNA of our brand. Customer experience, the high quality of our products and innovative technologies: these are some of the promises made thanks to the strength of a team, motivated and dedicated on a daily basis.


What we offer

On the lookout for the best in products around the world, we help improve the quality of life for our customers. The breadth of our products and services allows us to support your every step and thus believe in improving your mobility, performance and comfort.

Among what our teams of experts offer, we find services and products such as:

Complete and personalized assessments
  • Complete and personalized biomechanical assessment that can detect problems with feet, posture, imbalances or alignments.
  • Targeted kinorthetic assessment for athletes (ex: running, cycling, hiking, etc.)
Orthoses and braces
  • Custom-made plantar orthotics: Designed to perfectly fit the shape of each of your feet, the main role of Bio-Dynamik® * plantar orthotics is to improve the function of your feet through the repositioning, support and balance they provide
  • Lower limbs (ex: knee, ankle, etc.)
  • Upper limbs (e.g. wrist, elbow, shoulder, back)
  • A good pair of shoes is essential in everyday life, whether worn alone or with foot orthotics.
  • It will offer you better foot stability, protect the sole of your foot and thus provide you with good heel support thanks to the reinforcements.
Medical equipments
  • Due to age, following illness or trauma, maintaining independence is of the utmost importance.
  • The goal is to make your trips easier and thus simplify the accomplishment of your daily activities. (ex: walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, pillows and cushions, etc.)
Support and advices
  • Behind each product hides a dedicated professional who cares about your comfort.
  • Whether it is taking measurements, evaluating or advising on the use of a product or the correct adjustment of an orthosis, each of them aims to provide complete care. from the first questions, to continuous monitoring.

We are proud to help make a real difference in your daily life or that of your loved ones. Driven by the values ​​of mutual aid, solidarity, excellence and respect, all of our expertise and dedication is in this sense. More simply, this is what allows us to focus on people, without compromising on the strength of our solutions.

Our values

The most recognized expertise in the industry

The Médicus approach is unique and proven by more than 4 million Quebecers.

Over time, the Médicus Group has carved out a place of choice for itself. We owe this distinction to each person who, directly or indirectly, has contributed to the shaping of a unique identity, proudly here. We honor this difference on a daily basis, by continuing to demand excellence in each of these areas:

  • A dedicated team of professionals: our professionals demonstrate impeccable rigor, transparency and work ethics towards their patients.
  • A Complete Body Assessment: your unique treatment plan starts with a personalized assessment
  • Perfect fit to all body types: according to the treatment plan, the orthotics are made to measure, which makes it possible to manufacture an orthosis that is personalized in all respects.
  • Always by your side: we ensure a continuous, personalized and evolving follow-up of your treatment plan over the years.

Discover how all of this translates into the daily lives of our customers, by browsing their generous testimonials.