The qualities of a Médicus-approved shoe

Wearing the right footwear every day is essential not only to improve comfort throughout the day, but also to prevent and relieve foot pain.

At Médicus, our mission is to contribute to your well-being and offer you a wide selection of products to help you lead an active life without limits.

Did you know that within our team, a footwear committee ensures that models are chosen according to a well-defined set of criteria? In fact, all of our footwear must meet these criteria before they can be sold in stores.

Discover the 5 qualities of a Médicus-approved shoe!

1 – Stability

When wearing a shoe, foot stability is essential to prevent the foot from swaying, which could lead to a fall. It’s important to ensure that the footbed, the part where the foot rests, is solid, thanks to a straight or flared heel.


2 – Support

In order to offer better support throughout the walk, we look for a shoe with good reinforcements on the sides that will preserve the shape of the shoe and protect the foot.

The outsole must be resistant and non-slip to provide good traction. Of course, quality materials such as leather or stretchy, breathable fabrics are preferred, as they provide good support for the shoe.


3 – The anatomical shape

When you’ve been wearing a shoe for a long time, it’s perfectly molded to your foot, which makes it comfortable to wear. When you try on a new pair, you may feel a little stuck, as the shoe has not yet softened.

Our committee immediately prefers a shoe that will allow the toes to unfold naturally when walking, thus respecting the anatomical and physiological shape of the foot while increasing comfort.


4 – Optimum heel height

For better weight distribution along the length of the foot, it’s important to have good heel support thanks to the shoe’s heel counter. This will keep the foot in place and ensure greater comfort throughout walking.


5 – Orthopedic versatility

With the aim of preventing and relieving foot pain, all shoes offered by Médicus have a removable sole to allow insertion of a foot orthotics.

We focus on the depth, width and extensibility of the shoe to ensure that the orthosis can be inserted easily. We can therefore treat a wide range of pathologies with plantar orthoses, such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, Lenoir’s spur and others.


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