Genu flexum

What is genu flexum?

Genu flexum, or constant flexed knee, corresponds to an attitude of the joint which cannot extend fully, for a congenital or acquired reason.


Where does it come from?

Genu flexum may originate from different factors, including:

  • Leg length inequality;
  • Poor hip positioning (excessive flexion);
  • Immobilization of the knee, kept flexed over a long period (healing of an injury);
  • Joint stiffness due to a diseases (arthritis) or a trauma (fracture, sprain, tear).


How can it be recognized?

Since the knee cannot reach its full extension, it remains constantly flexed. In case of leg length inequality, the longer leg flexes to rebalance the pelvis.


Treatment solutions for genu flexum

  1. Opt for a foot orthosis

In the case of leg length inequality, a foot orthosis with a heel lift can be worn to restore the balance. By lengthening the shorter leg, flexion of the longer leg is reduced.

  1. Wear a knee orthosis

In the presence of a more severe genu flexum problem, the doctor may prescribe a knee orthosis. This exerts optimum control over joint amplitude in flexion and extension movements.